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dark net market Buy GSM Data Receiver Wireless Automatic ATM Buy GSM Data Receiver Wireless Automatic ATM ATM credit card Skimming without any physical contact. This Skimmer will work without a physical connection to ATM/POS Machine. This product is our best-seller, and is used by 92% of our clients. FEATURES GSM Data Receiver Wireless Automatic ATM This is most Advanced GSM data receiver. It receives credit card / Debit Card data from ATM and POS terminals. Small size 10×10 Centimeters, with one charging it can work up to 24 hours and the manufactured memory can capture about 27000 credit card / Debit Card data, with antenna it can take data in radius of 100 meters. Without antenna 10 meters. Device can work from (-25 to 45 degrees). Dust resistant & Water Proof. We use 3.7V 4500 mAh batteries. With one charging the device can work up to 20-24hours

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